Custom Wade Saddles
What is a Wade Saddle? A Wade saddle is a type of Western saddle, inspired by the old Californio school of riding. The Californios were Spanish-speaking inhabitants of California before it was incorporated into the United States. They belonged to the school of natural horsemanship, and had strong working relationships with their animals. Their saddles were easy on both the rider and the horse, providing a nice balance. The Wade design was made popular by two of the greatest horsemen of the 20th century, Tom Dorrance and Ray Hunt. 

What factors define a Wade tree? At the most basic level, a Wade is a style of fork, which is a slick fork with a wood post horn built in as an integral part of the fork, which means you can have a thin gullet, it also means your horn is stouter and less likely to break when you're holding a 2500lb steer. A true Wade also has thicker stock than other slick fork trees, which means it needs a higher top cut angle than other slick fork trees. It also has a wider side cut angle. No one knows for sure who came up with this rather special design. Any type of bar can, and is, put under a "Wade" shaped fork.

The popularity of the Bear Creek Wade saddle is largely due to several features, the low seat and low horn makes it an excellent saddle to work (rope) cattle from, the deep seat makes for a comfortable ride even after many hours in the saddle, and the slick fork (or A-fork) makes the rider feel closer to the horse. In addition the position of the stirrups directly under the seat, promotes an ideal riding posture. Above all else, a Bear Creek Custom Wade saddle is built with maximum comfort in mind for both the horse and rider. Every aspect of our saddle is built around Cowboys riding rough terrain for full day rides. 

The Bear Creek Wade Trail Saddle features our Dual Density foam padding system (optional). This shock absorbing seat gives you hours of Ultimate Trail Comfort, like sitting in your favorite soft leather recliner. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable seat out there today. You have the option to choose the fender design and stirrup that fits your style. This saddle can be ordered with a standard straight back ring which allows you to use the front and rear cinch rigging independently of each other for better stability on steep hills and rough terrain or if you prefer, you can order a tilted back ring so that you have the option of using centerfire rigging. This saddle has plenty of heavy duty stainless steel hardware for all your saddlebags and equipment. We use leather made in the USA by Wickett and Craig because only the best will do. Quality all around, from the leather to the hardware. 
$1500 Base Price Plus added options​​

You can order a saddle as pictured or you can design a custom saddle with different options that reflect your distinct personality.Give us a call. ​​​
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