Horses come to us at all stages of  mental development and training levels, with this in mind, all horses go through a 30 day evaluation period. We have developed a check list in which the horses personality traits, natural abilities and trainability are scored. With this information in hand, we construct a training program geared to each individual horse ensuring that each horse develops to their full potential. 

We do not believe in rushing our horses, after all a rushed horse can quickly become a ruined horse. Training is done slowly and methodically, allowing the horse to teach himself when possible, building confidence and laying a good foundation for future growth.

All our horses go through extensive ground training before they ever hit a trail. They learn to be respectful of your space and will follow your lead. All our horses learn to stand tied both in crossties and single rope, most will stand ground tied. They stand to be groomed, bathed and tacked.  They learn to lower their head to be haltered and bridled. They learn to stand for the farrier, equine dentist and the Veterinarian. They load, unload and haul with no fuss. 

They become desensitized to plastic bags, the tarp over the body, cracking of the whip and some are desensitized  to the sound of gun fire. In the arena horses are also exposed to man made obstacles such as crossing the bridge and walking across tarps and more. They will learn to walk, trot and canter on the correct lead, they will know lateral flexion, they will learn to turn, stop and back with minimal pressure. They learn to neckrein and to work off leg pressure. They will learn to do a nice correct spin, sidepass and rollback. He will turn on his hunches or the forehand and they will learn to open and close the gate.

We ride in rugged country, our horses are trained on some tough trails. They will learn to climb and descend steep slick hills.  They will learn to travel over loose rocks and to maneuver rock ledges, walk through running streams and cross large logs in the woods. Once our horse hits the trail, they will learn to guide with just a touch of the rein, miss trees with a squeeze of a leg. He will develop cadence and will rate himself accordingly keeping up with the group.  He will travel nicely with a group or happily go out alone with no hesitation.

We like to explore the woods with our horses, leaving the well traveled paths and cutting new trails as we go. We ride through tall grass and thick shrubby, low hanging limbs and many other natural obstacles, again allowing the horse to teach himself when possible. Once the horse has mastered our trails, he is a confident, trusting, been there done that type of trail horse. He is a horse that we can honestly represent as a safe well trained well mannered horse .

We raise two to three AQHA registered Working Ranch Horses a year.  Our broodmares and stallions must posses  good temperaments, this is very important to us. Our foals are raised naturally, they are allowed to be horses growing up freely in the foothills of Kentucky. They develope strong bones with correct legs and good feet with lots of muscle and plenty of stamina. Our goal is to produce top quality healthy horses with excellent conformation, outstanding athletic ability, great dispositions, natural cow sense and big hearts. Our horses are very versatile and could excel in any direction you choose to take them, such as Working Ranch Horse competitions, Team Penning, Reining, Cutting, Trail Class, Halter and of course Trail Riding.