Custom Trail Saddles

Bear Creek Trail Saddles are built for comfort on those long trail rides for both you and your horse. A Handcrafted Bear Creek Trail Saddle is lightweight without sacrificing quality. Our Trail Saddle trees are made by the world renowned Steele Tree Co. and have flared bars for a better fit for your horse. The flared bars allow the Trail Horse more movement in his shoulder for climbing those steep hills and stepping over the fallen timbers in the woods  while carrying a rider. Most gaited and trotting horses alike will move better with our saddle. The tree has been custom designed just for Bear Creek. We have modified the tree by rounding out the Ground seat and adding a more gradual slope for optimal comfort. You are cupped in the seat, while your legs hang more natural. You don't feel like your riding a 55 gallon drum.
This saddle features our Dual Density Memory Foam padded seat. Guaranteed to be the most comfortable seat out there today. The Bear Creek Trail Saddle has heavy duty stainless hardware for your saddlebags and other equipment. You can have the smaller dees if desired. We can ground down the bars to allow for more forward and backward movement of your leg if you'd like. We can also add the padded swivel stirrups. You can choose a square skirt or round and we can add a scallop to allow for closer contact to the horse. A lot of our clients choose very minimal tooling if any at all just for the low maintenance. They love to ride and prefer to spend time out on the trail and not cleaning tack. You can choose to go plain or you can jazz it up with beautiful handcrafted tooling and Montana Silver. We use leather made in the USA by Wickett and Craig because only the best will do. Quality all around, from the leather to the hardware.
$1500 Base Price Plus added options​​

You can order a saddle as pictured or you can design a custom saddle with different options that reflect your distinct personality.Give us a call.​​​​