Custom Performance Saddles
Ropers, Reiners, Cutters and Barrels
 So what is a Performance Saddle? Performance Saddles, also known as Working Ranch Saddles are meant to be multi-purpose, suited to both full work days of working cattle, checking fence line and so on as well as long rides. Keeping you and the horse comfortable for those long stretches of time in your saddle is our number one priority. The working cowboy depends on his saddle and expects it to hold up to the daily abuse that a ranch can dish out. Our Performance saddles are built to withstand the most rigorous ranch work.
The Bear Creek Performance saddles allow you to maintain balance and control in the saddle. The specially designed seat jockey and formed ground seat offer a secure pocket that holds the rider in place. Our design positions the stirrups slightly forward to prevent the rider’s feet from falling behind their center of balance. A Bear Creek Performance saddle has heavy duty stainless steel hardware and we use leather made in the USA by Wickett and Craig because only the best will do. Quality all around, from the leather to the hardware. 
​​​​Whether you rope, run barrels, trail ride, or gather cattle, The Bear Creek Performance Saddles are made tough with a perfect fit.
$1500 Base Price Plus added options

You can order a saddle as pictured or you can design a custom saddle with different options that reflect your distinct personality.Give us a call.​​​​