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W elcome to Bear Creek Horses And Saddles..................

we are a very small family owned Horse farm that has had the pleasure and good fortune to be able to share our lives with horses for over 30 yrs. We are lucky enough to be located in beautiful south central Kentucky near Mammoth Cave National Park, where you will find some of the most beautiful trail riding in the country.

Our mission is to promote the great American Trail Horse. If you are a horse lover who simply wants to enjoy time out on the beautiful trails riding their horse for some fun and relaxation with their family and friends, then just do it. Are the rider who has that competitive side to them and wants to compete in classes such as the ever growing Trail Class competitions? Maybe you want to try your luck in the Working Cow Horse events. What ever your dreams and goals are, we say go for it. It's a big beautiful world with a new adventure around every bend. We encourage you to get out there and enjoy the wonders that can only be experienced and truly appreciated from horseback.

We search out only the best horses for our sales/training program. Gentleness, versatility, sound minds and correct conformations are the basic qualities we look for. Most of our Trail Horses are AQHA registered with outstanding pedigrees, but we don't discriminate, we also work with and sell unregistered horses of all breeds. If the horse meets all our requirements and possesses all the qualities of a great Trail Horse than they are also inducted into our program. There are so many great "grade" horses, whose papers have been lost for one reason or another or the owner just didn't take the time to register them. They are very intelligent and trainable horses who just need a chance. So many times these horses fall through the cracks and end up living in poor conditions or even worse. One of our goals in life is to place as many of these outstanding Grade Horses in good loving homes as we can where they will make some lucky person a wonderful trail partner and bring much joy to their new owner. Trail Horses that have gone through our program make trustworthy, dependable and enjoyable mounts in which you can feel comfortable and safe riding. He is not just your horse, he is your partner and an added member to the family.

Our horses are proficient both on the trails and in the arena. They have logged many miles in the woods and are very trial savvy. We believe that training on the trail is beneficial no matter what breed or discipline you might be interested in. So many horses are trained solely in the arena without sufficient time spent out on the trails, this results into a one dimensional horse. Time spent on the trail breaks up the monotony and frees the horses mind. We believe that trail training results in a self confident well rounded mount. This horse has the ability to safely handle any new situations he may face throughout his life.

All our sale horses are gentle proven Trail Horses. We are committed to offering nice horses to suite the needs of today's riding community, from the beginner to the well seasoned horseman. We truly believe in honesty and integrity and represent our horses for exactly what we know them to be. Vices or flaws are never hidden. We take our job serious and we are dedicated to placing all our horses in only the best forever homes with loving folks who care deeply for their horses. We pride ourselves in always trying to make the perfect match between the horse and prospective new owner. If it's not a suitable match, we won't make the sale. If you don't see what you're looking for in the selection that we have for sale just give us a call and we will try to assist you in finding that dream horse that you've been searching for. Also, if you have a horse that you're wanting to place in a good home, we can help you achieve that goal as well.

We are very proud of our small breeding program. We raise two to three AQHA registered foals a year. Our broodmares and stallion all posses good temperaments with a good trainable minds, correct conformation and excellent pedigrees, this is very important to us. Our foals are raised naturally, they are allowed to be horses growing up freely in the foothills of Kentucky, no Hot House Flowers here. They develop strong bones with correct legs and good feet with lots of muscle and plenty of stamina. Our goal is to produce top quality healthy horses with excellent conformation, outstanding athletic ability, great dispositions, natural cow sense and big hearts. Our horses are very versatile and could excel in any direction you choose to take them, such as Working Ranch Horse competitions, Team Penning, Reining, Cutting, Trail Class, Halter and of course Trail Riding.

This Website is also a catalog of some examples of the custom saddles that we can help design and build for you, our saddles are truly a functional work of art. From the quality tree, to the superior leather, our saddles are handcrafted. Made one at a time , no assembly line here. You will not find two Bear Creek saddles exactly alike. Whether it be for ranch work, reining, cutting, western pleasure, trail pleasure, roping, barrel racing, team penning and/or trail riding etc. we can build your one of a kind dream saddle. Check out our Custom Saddle Page.

So if you are in the market for a new horse and/or saddle to take to the show ring or you are looking for that new best friend to trail ride, contact Bear Creek Horses and Saddles. Our goal is to make the best possible match between the horse and rider and we can also build you that perfect Saddle.

We hope you take the time to browse our site. Thanks for visiting, we look forward to hearing from you. Remember to check back in with us from time to time as our sales selection is always changing and is updated regularly.

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Our mission is to build the best possible American made custom saddle for our customers and their horses. Craftsmanship, quality and comfort are our top priorities. 
Here are just a few examples of the custom saddles that we can help design and build for you. Choose a saddle design as pictured or visit our design options page and let us help you design your one of a kind custom saddle that fits your needs and reflects your own distinct personality. 
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  • 2015 AQHA Buckskin Gelding
  • Sired y Pocos Regal Bar and out of Zans Golden Rosalena
  • Lines to Poco Bueno, Poco Pine, Three Bars, Bar Money, and Top Deck
  • Well conformed, very intelligent with color as a bonus 
  • Good Ranch Horse prospect 
  • 82.82% Foundation
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